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Your Camera Mode Dial Explained

The mysterious mode dial of a modern DSLR Stepping up from the camera in your smartphone to a real camera is a good way to start making better images for your blog. Whether you choose an advanced point and shoot, or a camera with interchangeable lenses,…

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Mall Turns Into Giant Fish Tank

Travel writer Jesse Rockwell recently stumbled on an abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Supposedly, the mall caught fire almost 15 years ago and was then flooded with several feet of water. As he notes on his blog , Rockwell apparently had…

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Movie Review: Transformers Age of Extinction!

Last night I was lucky to score an invite from REVOLT TV (Owned by P. Diddy) and the 135 Street Agency to a private screening of the new TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION movie. Considering I’ve been waiting for this fourth installment of the movie…

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Winter time in New York City

  There is no doubt that it’s winter time here in New York City! For the last couple of weeks we have had plenty of snow, wind, fog, rain and hail. Even when it’s cold, raining or freezing temperatures, I’m out there with my camera. Please enjoy…

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  BA STAR – STEP IT UP!   BA Star ‘s newest palette for summer is out!  The intense, rich colors are really fun to play with and that is what I did this afternoon!  There are countless combinations you can invent to have a different…

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One Horsepower

Going down the back roads of Galatia it is not an uncommon sight to come across and Amish horse and Buggy. The sound of the rhythmic beat of the hooves and the calming picture of a time all but forgotten makes for a peaceful image.

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Playground Friends – Wallpaper

  There’s nothing better than having a friend to play in the garden, and if it’s two: the fun duplicates! This cute puppy is friends with these adorable kittens, and they look so photogenic in this wallpaper.

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Hedgehog Pictures: Maleficent Enjoys the Outdoors

Hedgehog Pictures: Maleficent Enjoys the Outdoors for the First Time Mellie’s previous owner did not do Mellie justice. She was fed junk cat food, had never seen a worm to save her life . Don’t even get me started on fruits and vegetables (or anything…

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Bunnies – Wallpaper

  Here is a cute wallpaper of a bunny mother and her two children. They are so photogenic and we bet they would probably have this picture as a main family photograph hanging at their living room. Wallpaper resolution is 1280×800.

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Can I chew your ears?

  This gif image is absolutely adorable!!! This kitten is chewing off his brother bunny’s ears, and he doesn’t seem to mind at all… In fact, he might even like it.

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